NWPID Site #1 ID 3355 59.4 Acre Certified Site

US 371 & Henrietta White, Cullen, Webster

NWPID Site #2 ID 3352 20 Acre Greenfield Site

194 Incendere, Cullen, Webster

NWPID Site #3 ID 3353 15 Acre Greenfield Site

Immediate property surrounding NWPID Office in the Park. 117 Loading Dock Drive, Cullen, Webster.

NWPID Site #5 ID 3354 15.92 Acre Greenfield Site

Located in South Park of NWPID. 118 B & R Drive, Sarepta, Webster

NWPID Site #6 ID 3380 – 12 to 14 Acre Greenfield Site

Located in South Park of NWPID. US 371 & Bill & Ralph’s Drive Sarepta, Webster

NWPID Site #7 ID 3402 12 Acre Greenfield Site

111 Tri State, Sarepta, Webster. This property is adjacent to the New Industrial Building within the Park and could be used to expand the Current Building to fit possible prospects if needed.

NWPID Site #10 ID 3877-383

Acres adjacent to the District properties located in the Northern section of the Industrial District – Note this property currently is not owned by NWPID but is available.

140 Acre Brownfield Site – Former GP Mill Site owned by T & P Property.

This property includes 408,000 square feet of building space within the 140 Acres of land. 2600 South Main Street, Springhill, Webster.

NWPID Site #17 ID 8979 – Andrews Building

Property is located within North Webster Parish Industrial District and this building is ready for new tenants. The building curently has two offices and a open shop floor plan. Please review the attached flyer or pictures of this building. Also Additional acreage is available on all sides of this building.


The Industrial Park currently consists of 500 acres with the smallest lot available are 1 acre and the largest being 80 acres; estimated price per acre is $3,000.00. NWPID is not within city limits and currently is funded by a millage rate of 5.48 mills renewed for 2019 to 5.14 mills for 10 years. Assess value of property is calculated at 10%.

NWPID just completed a Spec Building located at 110 Tristate Drive, Sarepta, which is zoned as heavy industrial. The shell of the building is now complete and could be modified for any manufacturing type of business. This property also includes a 4,260 square feet office shell. (See Virtual Tour)

All heavy duty, high volume industrial utilities are present on site. Water and Sewer service is provided by NWPID and handled on site.
Sawtimber Supply & Demand Study – (PDF file)


The site offered is within attainment areas as designated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For information regarding the non-attainment areas located within the State of Louisiana please see:


Natural Gas Capacities Natural Gas energy is provided by CenterPoint Energy with a “transport” and “service” in place serving the needs of nearby industry. CenterPoint representatives can be actively involved with the placement process and will provide a letter certifying their capabilities upon request. The NWPID is served by both 4-inch and 8-inch distribution lines. Additional information regarding the services provided by CenterPoint Energy may be found at www.centerpointenergy.com. Gulf South Pipeline Company serves major industries in the NWPID area.

Electricity is currently supplied by Entergy with 1500KVA pad mounted transformer on site, 227-480 volt – 3 phase power with 2 substations to serve the site of the Spec building. Additional information regarding the services provided by Entergy may be found at www.entergy.com.

Water and Waste Water services are provided by NWPID with three wells on site providing water to all tenants and a gravity to treatment plant and gravity to pump station system within the park.