Business Incentives

The North Webster Parish area is a Federally designated “Renewal Community” and a State of Louisiana designated “Enterprise Zone”, these major designations along with the various “worker training programs” and local incentives, adds to an already industry friendly environment. The following provides a brief description of the major incentives available to the North Webster Parish commercial/industrial residents. For a complete list of incentives available please contact North Webster Parish Industrial District management.

State of Louisiana – Business Incentives

The State of Louisiana Enterprise Zone Program designation is a JOBS incentive program that provides Louisiana income and corporate franchise tax credits to businesses hiring new employees from which 35 percent must be from one of four targeted groups.

The Quality Jobs Program provides both payroll and sales/use tax rebates to encourage businesses to locate or expand in Louisiana.

The Industrial Property Tax Exemption abates, up to ten years, local property taxes (ad valorem) on a manufacturer’s new investment and annual capitalized additions.

The Incumbent Worker Training Program’s Small Business Employee Training Program (SBET) is designed to benefit business and industry by assisting in the skill development of existing employees through individual, standardized (off-the shelf) training. Employers are reimbursed up to $3,000 per trainee for tuition and required textbooks and manuals once the training has been completed and proper documentation has been submitted to the Louisiana Department of Labor.


Natural Gas Capacities
Natural Gas energy is provided by CenterPoint Energy with a “transport” and “service” in place serving the needs of nearby industry. CenterPoint representatives can be actively involved with the placement process and will provide a letter certifying their capabilities upon request. The NWPID is served by both 4-inch and 8-inch distribution lines. Additional information regarding the services provided by CenterPoint Energy may be found at

Gulf South Pipeline Company serves major industries in the NWPID area.


The site offered is within attainment areas as designated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For information regarding the non-attainment areas located within the State of Louisiana please see: Click here for More Information